about Compass Genesis


The Compass Genetics Navigator is a complete online system that allows doctors, patients and genetic counsellors to search & compare the whole range of genetic test offerings on the market.

With so many tests and providers out there, the Navigator will reduce the complexity of finding the test that is right for you to get the most complete, appropriate and effective answers for your case.


Prior to beginning the genetic testing journey, our genetic experts and genetic counsellors will work with doctors and patients to gather family histories, review the medical background, select the right test, gather informed consent and explain the details in easy to understand, simple language. Following testing, we’re there to help interpret the results and translate the findings to understandable terms so everyone is making a fully informed decision on the next course of action.

about Compass Genesis
about Compass Genesis


Compass Genetics has experienced, qualified genetic counsellors on staff to work with doctors and patients to understand the implications of any genetic testing result – what it means for the patient, the family and how to deal with the findings from a genetic diagnosis.


From the basics to advanced concepts, online learning to on-site seminars, Compass Genetics provides a complete range of educational tools for doctors and patients to learn about DNA, genes, genetics and testing to feel comfortable, knowledgeable and informed when making decisions on your health.

about Compass Genesis
about Compass Genesis


Compass Genetics provides around-the- clock support to doctors, patients and patient advocacy groups looking to answer any question on disease diagnosis, therapies and treatments and disease management. Connect to support groups and professionals that can handle all your needs.

You set the treatment road map... we’ll help to navigate your patients through it. Contact Us