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What We Provide

Genetics Navigator

A complete online system for patients, doctors and genetic counsellors to search and find tests, compare the benefits of each test and learn all about genetic testing.

Pre-test and Post-test counselling

Engage with qualified experts and genetic counsellors before and after testing to understand informed consent, test expectations and to fully understand the results of your genetic profile.

Educational Tools

Videos, animations, white papers, scientific articles and more to better understand DNA, genes, genetics, testing and more.

What is precision medicine, genetic testing and genetic counselling?

Precision medicine is the ability of doctors to zoom into your case down to the molecular level - such as DNA, RNA and proteins - and get a more precise picture of a particular condition. Not every breast cancer is the same, not every heart condition is identical and not every drug response is equal. Performing a genetic test, which looks at your specific DNA, RNA or proteins, your doctor can more accurately diagnose and prescribe a more precise treatment plan for you to maximize efficiency and reduce time, money and side-effects. A genetic counsellor is a trained professional that can assist in understanding the testing process, help guide both patients and doctors on the genetic journey and explain the results of a genetic test to patients and family members.

about Compass Genesis

About Us

Compass Genetics is a team of genetics professionals with years of experience in providing laboratory and clinical services in the area of genetics. Our team of scientists, doctors and genetic counsellors are ready to assist doctors and patients in their journey to use precision medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of their case.

Our team includes :

  • Laboratory scientists with experience in the latest DNA sequencing technologies
  • Doctors with years of experience in the use of molecular biology in the clinic
  • Genetic counsellors with a portfolio of case work in a wide range of conditions and diseases
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